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Suki Suki Suki <3

mp3 rotation

External Services:
  • robokissed@livejournal.com
ROBOKISSED is a mp3 rotation journal/site. Unless under special circumstances, this journal will only post up Asian music. Though, the majority of music may be just J-rock and J-pop XD The files are uploaded on YouSendIt and sometimes on RapidShare.

1.) The mp3's shared are for sampling purposes only. Please delete them after 24 hours.

2.) Please support the music artists by buying their cds! You can buy from YesAsia, CD Japan, etc.

3.) If the link has expired, I may or may not reupload them. Most of the time I will. However, please don't keep bugging me about it.

4.) Please comment if you download a song. I would really like to know how many people download, so that in future, I may make mirror links, or find a good place to host the mp3s.

5.) Don't bug me about updating. I will update maybe every week or two.

Requesting Rules
1.) In the "interest" part on the bottom of this page, are of the music artists that I usually will upload music by. If you want to request a song that is not of the music artist listed below, you still can, but the request may not be fulfilled. You can try though :D

2.) Please don't request something that has been rotated the previous time.

3.) 2 song requests from each person per week.

4.) I may not upload your request, because I might not have it. Don't flame me, please.

5.) Comment on the most recent post with your request =]

Downloading the Files
1.) Left-click on the download link.

2.) Click on the link that says, "Click here to download".

3.) Save.

4.) Enjoy.