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[03 Apr 2005|04:16pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Be sure to read the rules before downloading any of the songs, and comment.  Thanks.

Tsunku ft. Takahashi Ai
- LOVE ~Since 1999~
You know how Ayu and Tsunku did a duet a loooooooooooong time ago?  Well, replace Ayu's vocals, slow down the song, make it a pretty piano ballad, and you get this.  It's nice.  However, I think it may be just me when I say I like the Ayumi Hamasaki and Tsunku version better (even though it is so much more...different-ish).

Tommy february6 - tommy feburatte, macaron
I'm in my Tommy phase again<3  Catchy tune + sweet voice = GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS AND DANCE TO THIS SONG.  Yeah, very nice melody.

Miyavi - Ashita, Genki ni Naare
Miyavi looks so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute in the PV.  The song is really quite fun, and you can imagine Miyavi jumping up and down XD  'Nuff said.

Malice Mizer - Ma-Cherie (Gackt version)
Such a happy song XP  I try not to upload a lot of Malice Mizer songs because a lot of sites already have their songs up for download, and their stuff is really easy to find.  But once in a while is okay, I guess.  It makes me miss Gackt's voice even more now ;_____________;

CAINS:Feel - etude
This is the song that was from their demo tape thing, so the quality isn't exactly the best, and it's a bit soft, so you may want to turn up the volume.  This is the song that Gackt covered on his Love Letter CD.  I think I like this version just a bit more.

Kelly Chen - Ask
The music is enough for a reason to download the song.  Kelly's voice is okay, but in the beginning it sounds kind of monotone-ish.

Thank you halfassedjob for informing me that some of the links were down.  It's too bad that some people didn't comment before downloading :|  6 songs only this time.

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SORRY! [03 Apr 2005|01:15am]
Update tomorrow, hopefully.
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Apple juice makes me sleepy. [27 Mar 2005|02:30am]
[ mood | tired ]

Please read the rules (and please remember to comment<3) before downloading the songs.  Thank you~!

Tanaka Reina (Morning Musume) - Memory Seishun no Hikari
I believe this was made from the video, so the quality might not be the best, but it is nice<33  In fact, I find this version better than the original.

Otsuka Ai - Tsukune 70 Yen (RE-UPPED)
This song is really good.  It transfers from some slow beat melody with with Otsuka's voice, and then it turns all rock-ish and you can't hear her voice that well.  A crazy song, I must say.  It changes beat just like that; sort of like Gackt's Birdcage.

HYDE - Hideaway
This is one of the more upbeat songs in HYDE's 666 album.  One of my favorite along with Masquerade, Midnight Celebration, Sweet Vanilla, and Words of Love (that's like half the album XD).  It's one of those songs that makes me want to get up and dance and sing along.

Gackt - Cube
I miss Gackt's older songs ;__;  I found myself hating the Love Letter album quite a bit.  This song is really good<3  I like how his voice sounds all weird.

Roger Kwok & Joey Yung - Not Just a Pretty Face (TVB series theme)
This song sounds so wacky!  Roger Kwok is so cool :D  I love how in the middle, he sings really quickly, and then Joey sings really quickly.  Also, in the middle of the song, they make all these weird sounds.  Then Roger says, "Go go go!" which relates to the series XD  I loved that series so much!

Twins - Say You Love Me
I had forgotten how much I loved this duo.  I think in this Chinese magazine they were comparing W (Double You) to Twins.  This song is a jazzy song, and if you can understand what they are saying (Cantonese) than it is actually pretty funny.  They sing about how a guy likes them, and how they want him to say it.  The bridge of the song is really nice (it's around 2:09 of the song).

W - Shiroi Iro wa Koibito no Iro
This song is so light and...and...feathery o.O;;  I mean, it's a great song, and it is so soothing to hear.  This song further proves the greatness of W.  And of course I just had to put a W song after I put a Twins song up, haha.

Hamasaki Ayumi - Wonderland (Classical version) (RE-UPPED)
This song is from Ayu's latest album release, My Story Classical.  I mean, it's not your regular orchestral mix of J-pop songs.  It's actual classical music.  I chose this song, because it sounds beautiful even if Ayu's not singing it.

Eight songs again.  I apologize for such a late update.

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I want my breakfast <_< [19 Mar 2005|10:41am]
[ mood | amused ]

Please read the rules (and please remember to comment~!) before downloading the songs.  Thank you~!

HYDE - The Cape of Storms
I just had to put up this song after watching Last Quarter/Kagen no Tsuki XP  In the movie, there is a piano and guitar duet that is really beautiful.  Unfortunately, this isn't it.  However, it is a great song.  But HYDE doesn't have exactly the best English skills.

Sakamoto Maaya - Sora o Miro
This is quite different from most of the nice, calm, soothing songs by Maaya.  Still great vocals though!  A bit upbeat and stuff.

Gackt - Sakurasou
Now, as a whole album, I have to say I really dislike Love Letter.  This 2:42 minute song is quite good.  I love the parts where Gackt sings "La la la, la la la la la...".  In my opinion, I'd have to say that this song is what makes the album worth buying (along with etude and Arittake no Ai de).  Near the end there is a choir...?  Anyway, this is quite an awkward song.

Tommy heavenly6 - GIMME ALL YOUR LOVE!!
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  This is such an AWESOME song.  I've been waiting so long for a Tommy release *_*  This song is found on the LOVE FOR NANA tribute album.  There is some controversy over the song, but I really like it.  There is a catchy tune, and the song's a bit weird, but that's why I love Tommy!  However, is it just me, or does the song sounds like some Gwen Stefani work?  The song makes me want to sing along~!  Her English is quite good in the parts of the song too.

I have to admit, I never really was a big fan of TETSU69, but I must say, this song is quite good.  It is also found on the LOVE FOR NANA tribute album.  Go clickie...

Do As Infinity - I miss you?
Catchy stuff 8)  I really like the chorus.  Music and vocals are both great.  This song is one of the other songs found on the LOVE FOR NANA tribute album.

Otsuka Ai - Cherish
This is the last track on the LOVE FOR NANA tribute album.  I guess you could call it a nice slow ballad.  But really, it's not that slow.  A lot of people say it is different from her other songs, and I guess it is.  It's different in that good way though.  I can't wait to hear her new single!

Morning Musume - Never Forget (Rock version)
This is the c/w of Momusu's AS FOR ONE DAY single.  If I'm correct, it was sang for Yasuda Kei-- the graduating member.  The original version was sang by Ishiguro Aya for the leaving member, Fukuda Asuka.  Both versions are really good, but I like this more fast-paced melody better<33  The "na, na, na, na, na, na" part is so sweet!

Eight songs this update~!  I guess I am so bored that I decided to upload so many songs AND update early in the day XD

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The Ron Ng and Myolie Wu duet is beautiful ;_; [12 Mar 2005|03:45pm]
[ mood | content ]

Please read the rules (and remember to comment<3) before downloading the songs.  Thank you~!

Otsuka Ai - Momo no Hanabira (Studio Live Version)
Otsuka Ai is so great, blah, blah, blah... yeah, everyone's been saying that she's awesome and stuff, and I don't think I need to go into it.  This song is just proof.  You can't make a good argument without proof ;D  Momo no Hanabira is such a good song, and so anything related to it is also good <_<  Some little theory that I have.

HYDE - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
I wanted to upload a HYDE or Laruku song, so I picked out a random one.  He sings in English.  However, I don't really like how his voice sounds in this song, HYDE sounds like he's still half asleep.

Joey Yung - The Last Lesson
Okay, sorry, I can't determine the title because it's like all these weird symbols #!%$@&^%@!#$!.  Something along those lines XD  So, if anyone knows the title, please tell me!  But, the song is AMAZING.  I will say it is one of THE BEST Joey songs I've heard.  Vocals are amazing, as expected.  I think this song was sang for her teacher, Roman, who died.  Sad ballad.  This is also the song that she sang at her Show Up concert, at the end, and she was crying.  Cantonese<33 Thank you, sonata_blue, for telling me the title :D

Ron Ng & Myolie Wu - Lost in a Chamber of Love (TVB series theme)
*_*  I must say, this is so far the best TVB theme song of the year.  I still can't find the theme for War and Beauty T^T  Anyway, this is an amazing duet.  It is a theme of the series that the two of them were in.  The music is ancient-sounding because in the series it is not modern :D

W - Robokiss (Jisedai Remix)
In the previous update, it seemed like you guys liked some W, so here is more.  It's also a bit of this Lj's namesake!  I was debating which remix I would put up, the Robokiss remix (this one) or the Love Like Crazy remix by Nochiura Natsumi.

Guniw Tools - FANCY PINK (Other Goose version)
I heard this song awhile back, and I really liked it.  Nice vocals, nice music.  Just nice 8)

Guruguru Eigakan ft. Inugami Circus-dan - Shakunetsu no Bakayarou
I told you guys to listen to some Inugami Circus-dan, dammit!  XP  Catchy tune.

7 songs this time~!  I guess this month, I moved the updates from Friday to Saturday.  Um, I was also wondering if anyone has the instrumental for Abe Natsumi's Koi no Telephone GOAL?

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Sukisukisukisu<33 [05 Mar 2005|08:07pm]
Please read the rules (and remember to comment) before downloading.  Thanks!

W - Deco Boco Seventeen
It may sound odd, but if you like Malice Mizer's Illuminati, you may like this XD  OMG, this song reminds me SO much of that song.  I wouldn't be surprised if they started doing Malice Mizer covers.  Seriously.

W - 5gatsu Ame Koi Uta
This song can easily be said to be the best song on their album, Second W.  It is way more mature-sounding than their other stuff (like Robokiss, Aa Ii Na!).  Kago has the leading vocals, and Tsuji takes on the higher parts.  If you don't listen to the other songs on their album, at least listen to this.

I Love U Boyz (ft. Twins) - Good Morning Class
I Love U Boyz are SO cool *_*  No, they are not the group Boyz.  This song is so fun to sing along to.  "Hey my friend, I am Jackie Chan!"  "I am your friend, you are my man."  They sing about how they sound so bad speaking English.  This song is not for everyone.

L'Arc~en~Ciel - READY STEADY GO (yukihiro READY)
I love this version of READY STEADY GO.  He could seriously be the lead vocalist of Laruku 8)  Yeah...

Miyavi - Shindemo Boogie-Woogie
This is why I like Miyavi so much =]  Shindemo Boogie-Woogie is so fun to dance to and make a dork out of yourself (or maybe it's just me).

36481? - Onpu no Tegami
This song is a cover of Miyavi's song.  However, I'd much rather prefer to listen to Miyavi instead of this version <_<  I'm not saying it is bad though.  It's nice, but it lacks that special "Miyavi-ness" to it XD  Okay, now I'm just rambling.

This is quite a fun rotation, I must say.  All the songs are exciting and different.  Six songs this time.  I don't intend on putting up more songs per update until more people come to download, because that's just pointless >_<
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Gah...the horrors of a stuffy nose T_T [25 Feb 2005|05:08pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Please read the rules (remember to comment) before downloading.  Thank you.

Another update.  This time, it is mostly going to be from Goto Maki's new album 3rd Station.  I'm not uploading any of the songs that are singles from that album nor am I uploading any of the songs I dislike.  However, you can request any of the songs that haven't been put up :D

Goto Maki - Ekizo na Disco
This song, you either really hate it or you really like it.  She does this light, whisper-y voice which sounds all cute and stuff, and is so creative.  Personally, I really like this song, for all its weirdness and stuff.  Go and try and see if you like it.

Goto Maki - Rai Rai ~Koufuku/Shinfu~(?)
This song is nice, fun, hyper, and upbeat.  Energetic and all.  Soo catchy.  Yeah, good.  There's a Chinese feel to it.  Oh hell, she even sings some parts in Chinese!!

Goto Maki - Positive Genki!
Sounds like something like Yokohama Shinkirou like; rock-ish and fun.  You can tell from the title just how much fun this song is XD  Try it out.  The electric guitar that is at the ending sounds like what HYDE does at the end of some of his songs from his 666 album.  Er...yeah.  J-rocker Maki, haha.

Goto Maki - Station
This song reminds me of something like Morning Musume's Do IT! Now.  Yup, yup, one of the best songs on the album (minus the singles).  It's R&B like, and it's good.  So what are you waiting for, download it.

Goto Maki - 19 Sai no Hitori Gen
Pretty ballad to wrap up the album =]  It's all gentle and slow and good.

The songs on the album I didn't include were:
Sayonara "Tomodachi niwa Naritakunai no"Because it's a single.
Yokohama Shinkirou - Single, as well.
SINGAPORE TRANSIT - I don't like the song.  It's relaxing and stuff, just...bleh.
Watarasebashi (Goto Version) - A cover of Matsuura Aya's single.  I didn't put it on, because it's a cover, so I might put that up next time or something.
Renai Sentai Shitsu RANGER (Goto Version) - Same reason as well.  If Abe Natsumi and Matsuura Aya release covers of this song too, than I'll do a special download with them or something.

And because there aren't so many songs up, I uploaded a Gackt song as well XP

Gackt & Yoshiki - Leeca
It's a piano version of Leeca with Gackt on vocals of course.  It was pretty before, but now it is better.  Yeah, come and download.

For the next update, I was thinking of uploading songs from W's new album, Second W. What do you think?

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[18 Feb 2005|04:55pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Please read the RULES before downloading :D and remember to comment please.
Yeah, I didn't update on the fourteenth because...well I just didn't.  Besides, it wasn't even a week.  So, here it is.

Cecilia Cheung - Wish Upon a Star
This isn't a new song.  It was the theme to her movie a long time back.  Cecilia sings in mandarin, and the song is a ballad.  It's a very sad and pretty song.  The intro starts out with violin which makes it nice.  Yeah.

The Peanuts - Koi no FUGA
I put up this song in celebration of W's new single-- a cover of this song.  To me, personally, this original version sounds very creepy.  But I love this song, and both versions are great.  No, I'm not putting up W's version.  Well, not this time.  The song is so short, though  >_<

D[di:] - Killer BEE
The beginning starts out sounding very simliar to Ayumi Hamasaki's independence.  It's a very fun song, and it makes me just want to get up and start dancing to it.  The vocalist's voice is low, but nice :3

Plastic Tree - BAKA ni natta noni
Oh, another fun J-rock song!  The tune is very catchy and a bit repetitive.  It definitely sticks in my head for a long time.  The end is really nice, he keeps on repeating "baka ni natta, baka ni natta, baka ni natta...".  Good song.

Gackt - Blue
Lookie!  Gackt's got mad piano skillz.  It's a piano solo.  In the beginning it is all sweet and nice, and then it gets all dramatic and stuff.  GOOD song.  'Nuff said.

This is my favorite FAKE? song yet.  I haven't listened to the lyrics closely, but I think most, if not all, is sung in English.  The song is quite refreshing.  Not much about it, but definitely some good stuff.  Give the song a try.

Morning Musume - Dokusenyoku
This is one of my favorite songs on their latest album, Ai no Dai 6 Kan.  It reminds me of their song Do IT! Now, because of the rapping part.  Is it just me, or can I hear Tsunku's voice over the girls that rap with him? o.O  Tanaka, Niigaki, and Takahashi sing the chorus parts.  I hate to admit it, but after the [un]lucky 7 auditions (where they danced to Dokusenyoku), I lost a bit of interest in this song <_<  Blah.  Still good though.  Not quite long.

Sorry, only one C-pop song this time!  Possibly more next time.  Well, I don't know XD  We'll see.

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[11 Feb 2005|07:05pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Please read the RULES before downloading. Links last for 7 days or 25 downloads.

Ayumi Hamasaki & EXILE - Your Eyes Only (Live)
I like it better than the original one with just EXILE.  The melody is slower, I think.  I've always thought that Ayumi Hamasaki's voice never went well with anybody who did a duet with her (i.e. Gackt, Tsunku, Goto Maki...) but I have to say that her voice mixed well with EXILE's vocalists'.  However, in the chorus, her voice goes low.  Overall, I think it sounds like a Christmas carol XD

myco~CML - Lily ~el viajero blanco y puro~
This is the first song on myco's first (and only) solo album, My Collage.  I wasn't too confident in myco when she went solo, but this is the song that made me listen to her album on repeat.  The music is beautiful, and unlike the regular poppy tunes.  In the middle parts, she sings, "Aaaah ha ha ha...", which is my favorite part :3  Slow ballad-ish.

Nicholas Tse & Eason Chan - Better Man (Live)
I believe this song is sang at Nic's concert, and Eason was the special guest.  It's in English, and it sounds nice.  In between parts, they both add in little comments and talk and stuff.  At the end, they talk for two minutes.

Utada Hikaru & Shiina Ringo - I Won't Last a Day Without You (Live)
Good vocals + good vocals + good song = Must hear.  Utada Hikaru and Shiina Ringo sing in English.  The piano accompanies their singing.  The chorus just proves how good they can sing, and makes me envious of them.

Inugami Circus-dan - Chi no Aganai
This song is one of their mellow-er ones.  The main vocalist's voice stands out a lot.  At first, the music accompanying her voice is light and soft, and in the middle you can hear the electric guitars and stuff.

The Brilliant Green - Call My Name (English Version)
Tomoko's vocals are all different from their calmer songs, like September Rain, or Maybe We Could Go Back to Then.  She yells, screams, and she does it well.  The tune is catchy, and it makes me want to sing right along with her.  Good stuff 8D

Well, that's it.  If the links run out before the next update, I think I'll reupload them through RapidShare.

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